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Shine in Kashmir

Shine In Kashmir - Chris D Castagna A very open and honest account of the author's travels through the Himalayan valleys of Ladakh, through Kashmir ending in Peru. The difference in the philosophy and religious beliefs in the characters he meets are openly described with no hidden agendas. The travel and areas visited are vividly described and you can just imagine that you are actually there, climbing the mountains and taking in all the surroundings. In his own pilgrimage, his own beliefs and past history, which has shaped his karma and nature, are challenged with everyone he meets. As he meets several prominent people and has in depth conversations, you as the reader start to understand how other religions have founded their beliefs and challenge your own. This book is an excellent read for anyone who would like to get drawn into a different world where you could escape to and in the calm and relaxing places find your own Nirvana. A really interesting read due to the openness of the author. The explanations, style of writing and language used was first rate, a must read for anyone travelling.