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Speculation - Edmund Jorgensen If you are a thinker and love a debate this book is especially designed for you. The author will challenge your beliefs, emotions and ask questions about your own existence. The story is brilliantly written and in following the quest for the clues in order to make the correct decision, the author causes intrigue and keeps the reader on his toes in the way he uses the philosophic questions to reach or solve the problem. When one of his friends has gone missing and the other one is dead, the dead friend leaves two envelopes marked A and B. Envelope A contains $10 million but we are unaware of what is in envelope B, if he takes envelope A then envelope B is destroyed and he will never know what is in it, if he takes envelope B he will lose the $10 million, so his quest begins. Trying to use his dead friends logic to find out what is in envelope B, the author starts to challenge your own judgement, why and how did we get here, what do we believe in and what would your decision be. The use of examples on how we think and react to the question posed shows us as humans why we are all individuals and think differently. Being interested in thinking outside the box, this book was a dream for me to read and when I asked my family what they would do I received different answers which then sparked an interesting debate. So this book is not only a good read but stimulates a lot of provoking thoughts and conversations. A well thought out read for you to enjoy.