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Book review - Harvey the Hippo; A Tale of Good Food Choices by Abby Pete (Author), Leslie Pontz (Illustrator)

May be a cartoon of text that says 'HARVEY the Hippo Tale of Good Food Choices A ABBY PETE ILLUSTRATED BY LESLIE PONTZ'
Book review - Harvey the Hippo; A Tale of Good Food Choices by Abby Pete (Author), Leslie Pontz (Illustrator) 
"Such a lovely colorful book for children to follow the story of Harvey the Hippo. Harvey lives in a zoo with his family and friends and LOVES his food so much. So much so that he actually balloons and takes off the ground and starts to fly, travelling around the world seeing some famous sites such as the pyramids of Egypt and China, complemented by wonderful illustrations. Eventually after his flying adventure he returns to ground to the delight of everyone around. A great way to sow the seed of thought in our young about healthy eating, being able to start a discussion on the benefits, and how they can still have a balanced diet with treats just with more consideration. I can imagine the story could also inspire travel plans of the future once they've finished chatting about Harvey's travels.
A cheery book for children and readers alike!"
Up in the sky... Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's Harvey the hippo floating by!
As all hippos do, Harvey liked to eat a lot of food. But, unlike other hippos, Harvey liked to eat all kinds of food, especially treats and he liked to eat a lot of them. He ate so many treats that he floated up to the sky and around the world. He got to see many interesting sights but after a week of fun travel and not eating a thing, he got so thin he floated right back into his zoo where his family and friends, and a mound of lettuce, were waiting for him.
"Harvey the Hippo brings new delight to the body of read-aloud literature for young children. The rhythm of the poem is sure to engage the ear of many a three to six-year-old, and the vibrantly tinted illustrations are pure confection to the eye. Thank you, Harvey, for nourishing the inner life of the young child!" --Toni Seidl, child psychotherapist
"As a pediatrician, I see the effects of unhealthy food choices on children every day. Harvey the Hippo is a fun, beautifully illustrated story that opens the door for families to discuss with young children how food choices affect their bodies". --Jamie Pinto, pediatrician
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