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Book Review - Please Explain Vaccines to Me: Because I HATE SHOTS! by Dr. Laurie Zelinger

Please Explain Vaccines to Me: Because I HATE SHOTS! - Laurie Zelinger

The author has used her personal and professional experiences in producing an excellent  book to explain why vaccines are important and how to ease the worries a young child or person feels about having one. 


The bright pictures, as well as the short text on each page, show and tell how the young person is feeling, always giving excellent reasons on why and how it is okay to feel the way the child does as it is natural to have those fears and worries. 


The book is simple to follow as it expertly takes you through each stage of the child’s thought process from when they are first told about needing the vaccine to the eventuality of receiving it. It also covers the important issue of why having the vaccine not only protects the child but also of those people who are close to them as well as their friends. The colorful images and the friendly smiling faces also help to show that there is nothing to fear about the healthcare people involved in administering the vaccine.


I wish there were books like this around when my children were young as I would have definitely used this book to show, explain, and encourage them to have the vaccine and the all round benefits of having one.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com/2021/12/book-review-please-explain-vaccines-to.html