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the sex god - No Mud No Lotus

The Sex God - No Mud No Lotus - Ben Belenus This is a totally open and honest account of one man's sexual conquests throughout his life. The loves, the one-night stands and sometimes just sexual urge to fulfill himself. The conquests and relationships he finds himself in are not just explained from a sexual point of view, the psychological point of view is also explained. The book is no hold bars and will not be a book for everyone to read, if you are offended by sexual explicit terms and very descriptive sexual text then this is not a book for you. The honesty the author share about the women involved, the actions and positions they experience, just go to show us that sex is natural and shouldn't be seen as seedy or dirty. By being open and sharing your vulnerability or enjoyment it can bring people together and through intimacy can strengthen the bond. I think that through the book the author is trying to tell us that sex is a basic instinct and if a willing partner is to be found there is no shame in any of the behaviour that follows between them. As I have stated the book is extremely descriptive and a little too explicit for my taste, although a great insight into how men in general see and think about sex.