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The Searcher - Ray Dacolias
It is a long time since I picked up a book and gone wow after the first couple of pages, but this book made me do exactly that.
The authors descriptive writing of both the characters and their surroundings draw the reader in and you actually envisage yourself being there alongside them.
You follow our hero on a trail of excitement and dogged determination in his quest.  After being haunted by the killing if his family our hero begins a life of homelessness and wandering.  When the man who is responsible of the killing of the heroes family robs the local bank and kidnaps a young girl our hero sets off to find and return the girl.

The writer will touch the hearts of every parent and release their worst nightmare their child being snatched and taken by a stranger.

The methods and survival techniques used by Joaquim (our hero) in tracking the kidnappers is expertly described and the emotions he is feeling make you believe you are travelling alongside him .

The writer also spends a lot of time on the villain of the piece and you get a feeling and the understanding of his motives, which makes you want him to be caught and receive justice.

The reason that I really love this book is the authors use of language and descriptive terms which enhance the characters bringing each and everyone of them to life .This author has a unique style of writing which will appeal greatly to any reader and I strongly recommend him.

This book carries a really strong message of hope and faith when you believe you have nothing left to live for.   Something comes along which shows that God made you for a reason and you have to survive to find your true path and learn to live again.
Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/book-review-myths-of-modern-man-by.html