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I found this book to be really informative

The Politics of Emerging Strategic Technologies: Implications for Geopolitics, Human Enhancement and Human Destiny - Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan
Through the descriptive dialogue the author explains very clearly how with the emerging technologies and human enhancement the impact these changes are having on our lives, not just as individuals but on nations and the environment.  I found this book to be really informative and well researched and easy to understand.

Balanced arguments and logical reasoning is well documented and are represented throughout.  Reading this book has made me aware and also heightened my knowledge of how quickly technology is advancing and how I need to move with it or be left behind.

Nayef Al-Rodhan explains how technology in a developed country can have a negative effect on that developing country and the challenge of emerging technology is dependant on global co-operation to work to it's full potential.
To fully understand this book you need to take your time to read and digest the information.  If you like to read the new scientist and the economist magazines then this will be particularly interesting to you.
I would like to use the final paragraph in the book which explains the book:-
"Technology promises to be one of the major forces in our lives throughout the 21st century.  This will be true for individuals, societies, governments and the global community as a whole.  Because of technology's dual potential to help and to harm, and because of its vast, far-reaching impact, how we approach these issues will shape our geopolitical and human futures.  This book provides a framework for tackling these issues and the key concepts for debating the role of technology in our lives."
I really enjoyed this book, the explanations, the fascination of what technology is going to be in the future is one of excitement, but at what cost?