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Wonderfully Dysfunctional - It Must be Genetic - Buffi Neal

This story has turned my life upside down, the brutal honesty of the author is incredible and anyone who is lost or looking for hope should read this book.


The author has to visit her ailing grandma in a nursing home, after each visit memories are remembered and a picture of how she spent her youth and grew up are portrayed. This book will question your relations with your family and close friends and is your family really dysfunctional or are they just normal. The truth and honesty of the author in the way she feels and the emotion you feel coming through is first rate.  Also the thought and dedication of the author shines through.


Reading this book will make you realise that your family traits and eccentrics are the same in any other family apart from the way that there are perceived.   The other message that comes through is through adversity the family unit pulls together and is there when you really need them.


An excellent read and very emotional charged, with a very open and frank account of the authors life, her relationship with her family and the fact that who you have around you should be treasured because once they have gone you cannot replace or have that time with them again.

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