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Amanda's Eyes (A.J. Gregson, #1) - Kathy Disanto

A thriller set in the year 2075.  The author's imaginative scene of the future and how mankind will travel and correspond is very clever .

The heroine of the story is a female reporter who is investigating a major criminal gang called the ferryman. When she is getting close to the truth and finding out who is the big cheese behind them she is caught in a fire blast which causes her to lose both eyes.  The surgeons replace her eyes and give her sight back but the eyes give the reporter a special power.  This drives the reporter to find the person who caused the heartache and bring them down.

The novel is very well written and the characters and scenes depicted are left open to the readers imagination and perception.  The story-line follows one of greed and corruption which is common place in today's world. As the reader you feel as if you are a hologram in the background looking through a time wrap and want to help the heroine in her quest .

A page turning thriller with a lot of emotive feeling and passion as well as sorrow.  In the pursuit of the truth and bringing down a criminal underworld how far would you go and put your life on the line to achieve your goal?

Books and stories that are set in the future are not normal my cup of tea because I am a very logical person but reading this book didn't cause or give me any problems. A well written novel with excellent explanations and food for thought for the future and how we will live and travel.

I look forward and hope I will get the chance to review more books by this author.

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