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I didn't want to put the book down!!

Order of the Dimensions - Irene Helenowski
I was really intrigued when I read the book description about being able to travel to different dimensions of live and I was certainly not disappointed.  In fact, after reading the first couple of chapters I was hooked.  The chapters are nice and short, which makes it so easy to read 'just one more' then another and another.  I didn't want to put the book down and looked forward to picking it back up to read more.  A very quick read for a slow reader like myself.
Without giving too much away, the story follows the main characters Jane, a physics student, her other half Randy and Anton Zelov, a former soviet spy.  Imagine one day being married to the love of your life then in a split second being sent to another dimension where all is lost and you are married to your enemy.
A black box called the multiverser had been created at the lab where Jane was placed that allowed people to travel to other dimensions where life was totally different each time you entered.  In order to travel to multiple dimensions you need the masterboard to control it.  The dark side called The Order, led by Anton Zelov, wanted all this to himself so he could have total world domination.  He was also infatuated with Jane and would do anything to get her.  The power struggle begins as Jane and the side for justice The Federation will not allow Anton to get away with this.
You follow the story through various dimensions feeling the shock, sadness and desperation of the characters involved as they cope with loss, entrapment and confusion of what they face in each dimension. The author has done a fantastic job with the complex storyline, it was easy to follow and I only found myself referring back a couple of times.
The story is full of twists and turns and you really feel the characters emotions as you read.  I really enjoyed the book and would absolutely recommend it.
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